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 DoA General Guide for EXP AND NOOBIES

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PostSubject: DoA General Guide for EXP AND NOOBIES   Wed Aug 15, 2012 9:33 pm

Requirements for ALL Team Members:
• Every party member should have personal DP removal
• Every party member should have summoning stones (to distract enemies incase of a wipe)
• The VoIP being used (Vent or TS or Mumble)

Requirements for Tanks:
• ATLEAST 5 Resurrection Scrolls
• ATLEAST 2 Consets
• ATLEAST 10 Corn and Apple (Pie if you so desire)
• +10 Armor vs. Demons Shield
• A SWORD or AXE with +5 energy/20% longer enchants
• A +20e/20% enchant Inspiration/Death staff
• R5 Norn
• A Working Headset and Microphone

Requirements for Mesmer Spikers:
• ATLEAST 3 Resurrection Scrolls
• ATLEAST 10 Corns
• 40/40 Domination Set
• +1 Fast casting rune and Domination + 3 headpiece
• A high energy staff (+20e)
• ATLEAST r3 Asura
• ATLEAST r3 Norn
• Radiant Armor

Requirements for Necromancer Spikers:
• ATLEAST 3 Resurrection Scrolls
• ATLEAST 3 Red Rock Candies
• ATLEAST 10 Candy Corns
• 40/40 Curses Set
• +1 Soul reaping rune and Curses + 3 headpiece
• Radiant Armor
• A high energy staff (+20e)

Requirements for UA/Seed:
• ATLEAST 3 Resurrection Scrolls
• ATLEAST 10 Corns and Apples
• 40/40 Divine Favor set
• +1 Protection rune, Divine +3 headpiece
• Radiant Armor
• +20e/20% longer enchant staff
• ATLEAST r8 Sunspear for CASUAL and r9 Sunspear for TRENCH

Requirements for Emo:
• ATLEAST 3 Resurrection Scrolls
• ATLEAST 10 Corns and Apples
• +20e/20% Enchant staff
• Radiant Armor
• Energy Storage +3 headpiece
• Recommended r5 Vanguard, although not necessary

40/40 set Can be made at Vasburg Armory (Kurz) or Leviathan Pits (Luxon)
- Offhand Inscribed Chakram 40 iron and 6 Steel
- Gazing Scepter 40 iron and 6 Plant Fiber

A Quick Walkthrough of DoA:

- On City wall, be conscious of the red dots the tank is pulling into aggro. They can break easily and you'll just as easily get the aggro yourself. YOU are the only person watching your compass, and you are the only one responsible for it.
- Ruks like to settle, break, then settle again. Wait for a full settle on every mob, especially left side inside of City. As well, VoR should throw up EoE as soon as the spot the mob will be balled is established (not hard to tell) so you are ready to follow the next tank outside for Jadoth. If you don’t know, ASK.

- If a 360 pull is going to (obviously) fail, don't wait for enemies to wipe you right where they're going to stop and camp. Run away to a safe zone (tooth wall) and die there. Body block so if the monk has aggro as well, they have a better chance to get away.
- If you have aggro, do NOT drag it to the monks. You are an ass and should feel like an ass if you do.
- UA needs to use BOTH Seed of Life and Ghetto Seed (Healing Seed) on especially big pulls otherwise the emo won't survive.
- Don't clump together for Stygian Friends. Green dot clumps get raped by Choking Gas.
- Don't be cheap with energy. AoS is your friend, cherish and masturbate it regularly.
- For 3-3 Tendrils, NEVER kill your Tendril unless the one before yours dies. You can weaken it, but don't kill it. When you see the one before yours die, slaughter yours and run back to the team. Remember to run THROUGH the tank, not AROUND, and hug the wall.

- Don't be cheap with your energy. There are very few spikes here and you will have plenty of time to regen.
- At cave, wait for the group to settle before spiking, wait for his center target ping (if he calls a Death's Charge, that is not your target), and give him room to DC but not so much room that you're running for several days afterwards to make it to the spike.
- Only the Trench takes quests after the opening quest, "To the Rescue!" (specifically referencing "The Rifts Between Us").
- On The Darkness/Greater Darkness mobs, don't hold hands. They will E Surge spike you and that's really not cool. If you get Diversion'd, cast a skill that isn't really important to your spike if you have to get rid of it (AoS or something). Never divert your key spiking skill (usually an elite).

- If there's a bad spawn in room 2, spread the fuck out. Don't wait for someone to call it a bad spawn, just go.
- If it's a good spawn, don't clump up and hold hands for the spike either. This goes for any Terrorweb mob in room 2, 3, or 4. Additionally, don't clump up for a Fury spike because they'll Cry of Frustration and faceroll you.
- Be aware of snakes in room 5, and if it's a bad spawn, to go and spike. This tends to only apply for Silzesh and the General.
- If you take Foundry Breakout, don't take the reward after Black Beast is killed until the tanks are ready. You can really fuck shit up if you do.
- FOUNDRY CHEST: Wait for the tanks to pull everything and STOP. If he hasn't stopped and enemies haven't settled and you go to get your chest, there is a chance enemies will break and you will get aggro. If you walk on corpses and enemies haven't settled, there is a chance you will get aggro. If you want a drop that is on a corpse, wait for everyone to get your chest (including yourself), then get it, and then run. Don't be an ass.


1. DO NOT hold hands (stand on top of each other) during spikes. Area of effect damage can wipe the party.

2. DO NOT open Locked Chests during spikes. Keep up with the team!
You are responsible for getting them on your own!

4. DO NOT back up during spikes, DO NOT pull aggro onto the team. If we are wiping on a spike the ONLY people that can retreat is the monk.

Common mistakes:

1. Resurrection by mimic instead of UA (UA always res when with team)
2. Placing EoE outside of ballrange (use spirit aggro in Texmod)
3. Using AoE skills on single targets
4. Freezing Darknessess and wasting Deep Freeze on next mob (Earth Tormenters)
5. Not following spikes, spiking different targets, dodge or kite in spikes (stand still, man up and SPIKE)
6. Calling in Foundry main room (snakes can die= fail)
7. Not bringing enough consumables (Always bring extra cons and rezz scrolls)
8. Not displaying Lightbringer Title
9. Arguing with party leader
10. Going AFK without saying it too party (even when your house is on fire)
11. Attacking enemy spirits
12. If you took aggro, pulling the mobs too other party members (just DIE)
13. Die in a mob (always try to die in a ressable spot)
14. Wanding in city (you will loose 2 energy/att)
15. Spiking big groups without EoE
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DoA General Guide for EXP AND NOOBIES
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